Mentor Module (1 on 1 coaching)

Wim Lievens

Wim Lievens

Trading together live and looking over the shoulder of an experienced mentor Practice makes perfect.

Since we are trading togheter you can discover my trades in real time and see that my recipes really work. Of course, this way we can also avoid and correct “expensive” mistakes.


  • A personalized coaching program (1-to-1 only !!!)
  • The programme takes 3 to 6 months, is very flexible and adaptable to each trader.
  • The online meetings or trading sessions are conducted via ZOOM, TeamViewer or GoToMeeting and are recorded for later use.
  • Some topics that are often discussed: professional chart analysis, scalping, intra-day and swing trading strategies, using indicators, analysis and optimization of your own trading method, money management, developing a solid trading plan, dealing with stress and of course trading together in realtime.

(If you want to extend this module to a professional module, the amount already paid will be deducted in full).