WL Price Movement Trading

Wim Lievens

Wim Lievens

Currently being translated and will be available in English soon.


  • Learn to daytrade professionally on all charts, instruments, timeframes and trading platforms !
  • Price movements are the most important indicator and will reduce especially the number of bad trades.


  • How trading pros look at prices and charts and this without technical indicators!
  • Understand Fair Value, excess prices, control prices, trends, accumulation, distribution, .... .
  • Why choose certain entries and not others i.e. when are market circumstances favourable for trading.
  • Learn to lose wisely and get the maximum out of every trade with my strict and professional money management system(s).
  • Build up confidence and mental capital step by step.
  • Why and how to trade only good opportunities (edge).
  • How professionals look at prices and you will never look at a chart the same way again.
  • (Re)know the basic price movements, market structure and cycles.
  • The 5-Step Analysis checklist and recognising good opportunities.
  • How to create a trading plan and diary (with examples).
  • 20+ trading strategies that professionals use and you can use anywhere.


  • The online “Price Movement” strategies course (12 hours).
  • Customised exercises and assignments.
  • At least 2 hours of live or online coaching and trading with Wim Lievens.
  • Chart analyses and strategies, clear and universally applicable.
  • Trade management systems that combine different trading styles. No grey area to manage positions… the trader knows exactly what to do at any time and in any situation.
  • All strategies rely solely on price movements and not on ‘artificial’ indicators, allowing them to adapt easily to market changes.
  • Risk/reward business model and how big movements make the difference.
  • How to apply to all trading platforms and/or markets.

This module includes all PDFs, 12 hours of video material including exercises and 2 hours of online coaching/live trading.

(This module is also the preparation for the Full or Professional pack and when participating, the amount already paid will be deducted in full)